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                                 3 Big Away Wins
 Great for the club to chalk up three wins on a windy day at Pakenham going into our two week off due to byes. The seniors stormed home in the second half to win by 9 points after struggling with the conditions in the first two quarters, well done Spanna kicking 6 goals and Darren Allen (pictured) who kicked 4 goals and talk about hit the ball running this young bloke flies, the reserves had a solid team performance and led all day to win by 5 goals and the under 19's got back on the winners list with a 10 goal win. 

                                                         Match reports

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 I thought I'd put up the pictures from the 30 year reunion back in 1989 so you could see how people have changed over the years.

      Back to year Reunion
                    I still can't get over Dicka's jumper
                           Doveton v's Beaconsfield
I have to start with the great response to BACK TO DOVETON, there were people from the 60's, 70's, 80's and so on there were people from interstate, I've never shook so many hands of old friends and team mates from way back when and don't you feel bad when a bloke say's hello and you know the face but forget the name, geez old age. The highlight of the day would have to be our first ever premiership side, the 1966 under 16's twelve players were there 50 years on, "that's unbelievable" and then to listen to John Walker (pictured) talk of the old days and his awesome history in football and business and former AFL star Adam Ramanauskas tell of how proud he was being from Doveton it just made the day more memorable. To the organisers what great job, there must have been a lot of phone calls and messages sent out to get so many great Doveton people back for the weekend, definitely a highlight of my years at the club. I've asked club legend Steve Henwood to give his take on the day and i'll put it on as soon as Steve gets back to me.

Now the football side of things, what a disappointing result for the seniors, you would like to think we would have the upper hand on previous performances but not to be, going down to Beacy by 22 points, The reserves had a good 5 goal win and the under 19's were well beaten by a well drilled beacy. Now you will probably think this is a pretty ordinary report on the football compared to the Back to Doveton day but I don't see the under 19's and only part of the reserves, the seniors I do see most games but I have been accused of being to critical of there performances at times, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings what you see above is about it. I have asked for coaches to give a report and under 19's coach Dave Hoy is the only one so far.
                                                                  Match Reports

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                               Doveton v's Berwick
Congratulations to Chris Rodriquez (pictured)on playing his 200th game for the Doveton Football Club, he has been a terrific backman for many years and the way he is playing at the moment will be for a lot longer. Chris now joins his brother Michael on the milestone and I'm pretty sure the old man Paul has racked up that many games as an administrator for the club, s#%t well done to the whole Rodriquez family.

Now to the games at hand, we got thumped in all three games and will need to improve if we're to be a competitive club come finals. I know the seniors had a few out which also takes away from the two's but depth is what makes a strong finals contender and the players that come in have to stand up to the challenge and that's when we can say we're a true finals club.

       Don't forget next week: BACK TO DOVETON it's going to be "HUGE"

                                                       Match Reports ?

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                                               Fevolenko You Beautyenlarge
Brendon Fevola will make a one-off appearance for Doveton in its night match against Cranbourne at Robinson Reserve in Round 7 on Saturday, May 28.

The former Carlton spearhead knows ace Doveton recruit Aaron “Flash’’ Davey and Doves coach Steve O’Brien, who was an assistant at Casey Scorpions when Fevola played for the VFL club in 2009.
                                   Read the full article in the LEADER..................

Take a look at the picture taken back at the 2009 Grand final at Pakenham, it's Fev and a young Tyson Hoy who played his first senior game against Narre on Saturday, who would have thought they could be lining up together in 2016.

                                 What a Thriller
The seniors won an absolute thriller against Narre in the last minute, being a point down and time running out we kicked two quick back to back points to take a well deserved win and remain undefeated. Great game by Jarred Boumann (pictured) his judgement on marking or punching the ball was spot on, and well done to the young players for standing tall when the game was in the ballance, awesome win. The two's were in the game all day but fell away in the final quarter to lose by 24 points and the Under 19's were a couple of goals up at three quarter time but Narre over ran them in the last to win by 12 points

                                                             Match Reports

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                                 Doveton v's Officer
A great game by Aaron Davey set the seniors up for a comfortable win against Officer, the two's stuggled all game to go down by 7 points and if not for a late rush of goals it would have been a lot worse. The Under 19's were leading comfortably until the game was called off after three quarters when an ambulance was called onto the ground due to a bad injury to a young Officer player, we all hope he is well and is back playing soon.

                                                    Match reports

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Rest In Peace

The Doveton football club is saddened to hear of the passing of Tracey Wilson Reiger.
Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to Steve his children and all of the Reiger & Wilson family's .
Both families have a long proud history with the Doveton Football Club and our thoughts are with you all at this very sad time.

                              What a Good Friday
A "BIG WELL DONE" to everyone involved in the organization and running of the Good Friday game, the amount of work and effort put in by the committee and volunteers was awesome, what a day. A special mention to our new President Aaron Henwood and he's new initiative raising sponsorship for the club and the great response from the sponsors, they had a big day with guest speakers James Pattinson, Bernie Vince and Jamie Howell, the Doveton Football Club Indigenous team plaque was presented by the captain Leon Egan (pictured) what a great team and our new Indigenous round jumper was unveiled and it looks great.
Another "BIG WELL DONE" goes to Deano, Pete and Hendo on there supporter group, if the amount of people around that tent's any indication it's going to be a big success.
Again to all involved a great effort and to top it off we won both games, but that's another story, COACHES WHERE ARE YOUR REPORTS you don't want me doing it again, I'm getting older and crankier.

                                    (game pics 1)       (game pics 2)       (netball pics)
  Doveton Football Club Sign Former AFL Champ
                          Aaron Davey

In a recruiting coup Doveton Football Club has signed
former Melbourne star Aaron Davey as a playing assistant
 coach for the 2016 season. read more.................
Doveton Football Club Appoints
Stephen O'Brien
Senior Coach and
Click          Reserves Coach for the 2016 Season           Click

The Club is waiting on the league to announce what age group for thirds and if there will be fourths and if so what age group before appointing a coach/s.



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