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Doveton Football Club Appoints Stephen O'Brien
Coach for 2016 Season
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               Doveton FC 2015 Presentation Night

Congratulations to Russell Gabriel on winning his second Doveton Football Club senior Best & Fairest and to all the other trophy winners. All had a great night, well done to the organisers.
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Seniors - Medal & Shield
Best & Fairest Russell Gabriel  S.J Henwood Medal & Jack Charles Shield
Best & Fairest R/Up Shannon Henwood
Most Consistent Jake Dermott
Most Determined Mitch Davies
Best Team Man Mitch Woolgar
Most Promising Junior Andrew Humphries
Best Finals Player Russell Gabriel

Best & Fairest Taylor Rainey
Best & Fairest R/Up Chris Rodriquez
Most Consistent Ethan O'Connell-Webb
Most Determined Michael McLean
Best Team Man Nick Anderson
Best Finals Player Jackson Bianco

Under 19 - Medal
Best & Fairest Charlie O'Neill  W.S.Hendy Medal
Best & Fairest R/Up John Ramos
Most Consistent Michael D'Agostino
Most Determined Shane Anthony
Best Team Man David Ramos

Under 18
Best & Fairest Sam Muirhead
Best & Fairest R/Up Mitch Cotter
Most Consistent Declan O'Donnell
Most Determined Ben Dalforno
Best Team Man Luke Dalforno
Best Finals Player Mitch Cotter

Michael Rodriquez - 200 Games Andrew Downe - 200 Games
Ryan Morrison 150 Games Simon Black 100 Games

Scott Brennan Melissa Anderson

Seniors Barry McDonald
Reserves None
Under 19 Peter Ferguson
Under 18 Scott Miller

Team Managers
Seniors Sam Bianco
Reserves Michael Mooney
Under 19 Frank D'Agostino
Under 18 Nicolle Muirhead

South East Under 18 Grand Final
Doveton 4-6-30  Defeated By  Berwick  8-6-54

A disappointing end to what was a great season. After kicking the first goal in the first minute of the game, Berwick then controlled the rest of the day. A absolute resilient effort from Mitchell Cotter (pictured) who was by far the best on ground for both teams, if only the people voting knew anything about football they would have seen it like 600 other people at the ground. Our captains fought hard all day and lead from the front. Jarred Smith tried to spark us up in the third quarter with some outstanding individual effort along with Benny Dalforno who was hard at it all day,but it was to no avail. The standard of umpiring has to be questioned as it was well below par and even the Berwick faithful were saying it was one sided. Surely when you make the grand final you deserve to get the best umpires! Not to take credit from Berwick who deserved the win, but our boys will come back bigger and stronger next year and make a mens! We all love you guys and think no less of you for what happened today, that's footy.

Thanks to all our helpers, officials and supporters.

Our three netball sides  ( B Grade , U15's & U13's ) were defeated in the Grand Finals as well, still a great effort to make it.

(game pics 1)   (game pics 2)   (game pics 3)

On behalf of all everyone at the Doveton Football Club congratulations to Russell Gabriel on winning the South East Football League best and Fairest, Russell after missing four games in the second part of the season came equal first with Madi Andrews of Berwick. Also to Rus and coach Shannon Henwood, well done on being selected in the team of the year.

Also to the netball Best & Fairest winners, B Grade Natelie Montanari & Breanne Miller, Under 15 Red Melissa Webster, Under 15 White Keeley Miller and to Rahni Samason on being seleted in the team of the year, well done girls.
                          South East U18 2nd semi Final
 Doveton 7-14-56  defeated  Berwick 5-5-35

A great victory by the guys who were up against the top team. Dylan Bowman the stand out with a BOG performance. Great games from both our captains Tyson and Sam who stood up when it counted. Ben and Luke Dalforno were never beaten in the back line. Jake "Vin Diesel" Basa was fantastic by hand and foot while working through traffic and the young gun Mitch "Snowy" Cotter what a star he is, winning countless contested possessions, showing all before him it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. But without the other 19 players that I have not mentioned we could not achieve what we did today. We played like a great team today and it will take that plus more to take out the flag. I know we can do it and so do all of our loyal supporters, so let's get the job done in the big one.

                              (game pics 1)   (game pics 2)  (netball pics)

Elimination Final
Doveton v's Beaconsfield

Congratulations First Gamer  Declan O'Donnell



(game pics-1)   (game pics-2)

Seniors                                 Reserves
Doveton     9-6-60               Doveton  5-5-35
Beaconsfield 12-13-85        Beaconsfield 13-11-89
                               Doveton v's Cranbourne

   Congratulations Andrew Downe "200 games" 

In near perfect conditions the seniors went down heavily to ladder leaders Cranbourne. Basic skill errors cost us dearly and never allowed us to get into the game. Once the game got on Cranbourne's terms we went into our shells and even when we were able to get some control, we couldn't hold the ball in our forward line and were then put under more pressure the other way. Whilst not an ideal lead into our first final, we can have relevance in this final series if we show a desire and care to be relevant. Knocking off last years premier next Sunday is the start. #GoDoves

The reserves were beaten by a very good football team but showed in patches that they can match it with the very best.  With 3 U/19's backing up from their game the boys showed grit and determination to be really competitive all day. Taylor Rainey again played well and Ethan O'Connell-Webb was also good. We now look forward to finals football next week with the confidence that we can challenge any team. Go Doves!!

                                                 Under 19's
We played Cranbourne for the fourth time this year. Once again we were competitive for the first quarter but with some undisciplined acts & our intensity dropping off we allowed Cranbourne to take control. The second half was not much better, Charlie O'Neil was once again a standout as was Ethan Chavasse & John Ramos. The boys played with more integrity in the last quarter but we were easily beaten by a better side. Week in the boys have faced up to the challenges put in front of them, & it is a true credit to them. We wish the Seniors, Reserves & the U/18's all the best in the up coming Finals.
                                                 Under 18's

With second place up for grabs we treat the game as a final. The boys played 4 quarters of outstanding footy to run out winners by 10 goals. It was our best game for the season with 24 contributors. It was great to see Tyson back and he made a big difference up forward in the first half. Shannon Brennan play a sterling game taking 8 marks in the 3 quarter to repel countless opposition attacks helping keep them scoreless in that quarter. The Dalfs were not beaten down back and Lewie provided plenty of run. Marlies work rate was outstanding and buddy's work in the ruck was tireless. We now have a week off to prepare for our biggest game in two years. Continue the great teamwork that provides the group with confidence and let's see where it takes us!!

                                 (game pics 1)   (game pics 2)  no netball pictures

              Seniors                       Reserves                        Under 19's                       Under 18's
 Doveton          4-3-27        Doveton       6-3-39          Doveton         3-4-22        Doveton       13-10-88
 Cranbourne  18-11-119     Cranbourne 16-7-103      Cranbourne 15-13-103      Beaconsfield  3-11-29
                          Doveton v's Berwick

A disappointing second half by the seniors saw Berwick run away easy winners. We were able to keep the game in tight for most of the first half but when we chose not to go with our opponents after half time they made us pay dearly. With not much to gain late in the last we stopped completely and the final margin became ugly. Best performances in the loss were Shanny, Keith, Woolly and Russ. It was also great to see young Sam Muirhead get amongst it in his first game with the seniors.

We are more than competitive when we don't flirt with effort and commitment and although the upcoming final game holds no significance to our finals position, we need to get to work on ensuring we play our committed, accountable and unfriendly team football over four quarters to take some momentum into our final the week after. #GoDoves


The reserves were very competitive all day though going down to the second best side of the competition. Apart for 3 quick goals in the first 2 minutes and a couple late the boys showed great spirit all day. Taylor Rainey was super after starting on the bench, Chris Roddersas usual and Lee Brown played his best game of the year. But the whole team were so good all day it was tough to single anyone out.

                                                 Under 19's

The U/19's once again were depleted due to more injuries, but with the help from Shannon Brennan, Bryce Campbell & Jess Ciconte we went into the game with 19 players. We kept Berwick to 5 goals in the first qtr kicking 1 ourselves.That was the tone for the rest of the game,which we thought was a great efgort by the boys only allowing Berwick to kick 5 goals each qtr.  The boys ahowed true fighting spirit all day but were beaten by a better side. The 3 U/18's got amongst the goals with Bryce Campbell kicking 3 for the day. Jack James produced his best game for the Year with his constant attack on the football & his relentless tackling, whilst Andrew Parker showed what a asset he will become for Doveton FC in the future. Steve Kauss who is playing his first year of AFL since coming from Germany managed to slip into the forward line & kick his first ever Goal. Boys keep your heads up, train hard this week & enjoy the challenge of taking on Cranbourne once again.

                                                   Under 18's

After a slow start in the first half where Narre match us with their intensity and attack on the ball, our accurate kicking for goal gave us a 20 point lead going into the main break. Our third quarter was outstanding with every one playing team orientated footy and we kicked 6 goals 5 points to Narre's 1 point to totally out class the opposition. We continued that style of play in the last to run out comfortable winners. A stand out game by Malis Lokeron who took contested mark after contested mark and showed when he is up and going no one can match it with him. Great games from our younger boys Snowy, Jazz and Jake "diesel" Basa who kept us going in the first half which shows they are ready for the big games to come. Thanks to all our supporters and helpers. Let's continue to improve and be confident in our ability and win next week to cement second spot.

                  (game pics 1)   (game pics 2)   (game pics 3)   (netball pics)

          Seniors                        Reserves                      Under 19's                         Under 18's
  Doveton   7-5-47             Doveton   7-3-45           Doveton 7-3-45                Doveton     16-11-107
  Berwick 15-22-112          Berwick 14-10-94          Berwick 20-17-137          Narre Warren   3-8-26
                      Round 16 Under 18's & 19's

                                                 Under 19's
The U'19s travelled to Hampton Park to play second spot Cranbourne. With only 18 players due to suspension, illness and injuries, we knew we would have to run it out all day. In the first quarter, the boys showed real determination and our attack on the footy was exceptional and we went into quarter time only trailing by 9 points. In the second quarter Cranbourne showed what a quality side they are, kicking 9 goals to 0 to take a handy lead at half time. To the boys credit they never gave up, Adam Sorati, Mitch Pierce, Jackson Bianco were in everything whilst Johnny Ramos continued to harass and create options for our team. Matt Dyer managed to kick our only goal for the quarter which came after a great display of teamwork from the backline led by Shane Anthony. The last quarter was similar to the third but our boys simply ran out of legs, there are alot of positives that came out of this no matter what the scoreboard shows. Credit goes to young Andrew Parker playing his first game for the Doves who battled all day in the ruck and in defence.

                                                  Under 18's
A good team effort with the guys playing their roles and stepping up in the areas we have been a bit lacks with of late. Our spread at the stoppages was much better and we had plenty of guys willing to run and create. Great game from Declan who played 4 quarters of tough footy and took countless marks. Apart from our inaccurate kicking the boys were pleased with the result. Good to have a few of our players back and to see Snowy with some color in his cheeks again. The group were a bit worried when a sniper from the grassy knoll shot Lewie in the shoulder in the last quarter, but he recovered rather quickly did Lazarus. Keep up the good work boys.Thanks to two of Dovetons old faithful Cobber and Stuey Gray who did the boundary and goal umpire duties to a high standard, apart from when cobber received a call from Wayne Campbell during the third quarter enquiring as to whether or not he could run the boundary for the Carlton v Collingwood clash at the G.
               2005 Reunion
Well done to the seniors on there awesome win and kicking off two great days of celebrating the 2005 Senior and Under 18's Premiers & Champions reunion. On the Saturday a big crew watched the seniors have there first win over Narre in a long long time, then celebrated with the players after the game. On the Sunday there was a great crowd down at the club for a lunch, replay of the games on the big screen and of course Motty's commentary. A special mention for Gand Final umpire Rohan David for coming along and enjoying the day, well done Rohan and what a great meal put on by Carts.

                           Doveton v's Narre Warren

The Senior team will participate in finals in 2015 after securing our place with a hard fought victory against Narre. From the get go the boys showed a greater commitment to the contest and each other and although Narre came hard at different times throughout the game, we were able to sustain the effort and keep the game always on our terms. Big Russ was fully dominant again providing first use to our mids who all played their part and got involved. Rick, Keith and Wooly completed jobs down back and Blacky was super again, this time shutting down Narre's prime mover in the second half. The great team win proves we can compete against all sides in this competition as long as we embrace the contest and maintain belief in each other. We should be extremely proud to be Doveton, the hard work must now continue to ensure we make the most of our finals position. Let's enjoy the bye in readiness for Berwick in a fortnight. #GoDoves

An undermanned reserves side tried hard but were defeated by 58 points. Though being able to match Narre Warren at times we couldn't mount any serious threat of our own. Harley Primrose continued his good form and was served well by Taylor Rainey while Matt Jameson also played his role

                                                    Under 19's
We were soundly beaten by a quality Narre Warren side. Going into the game with several injuries, we struggled to keep up with Narre's tempo of play. A slight disagreement between both sides before halftime left us with 16 players. Matt Ferguson was a standout all day whilst John Ramos was also trying to lift his team mates. Unfortunately it was not our day & we were convincingly beaten. 3 games left boys, lets aim very high & finish off well. Stay Positive lads.

                                                    Under 18's

Once again we were unable to beat Berwick, our inability to hit the scoreboard at all in the second quarter and only one point in the last was a contributing factor. The boys showed great fight in the third to get within a kick but fell away badly in the last. Sensational game from Dylan Bowman who tried to lift the boys and played 4 quarters of the sort of footy that is required by the rest of the boys. Alex Doran battled manfully and his desperation at the contest was fantastic for a big fella. On the bright side we have a raft of quality players still to come back into the side which should make a huge difference in the weeks to come. Thanks to Melinda Dalforno who always provides the boys with top quality navel oranges every week. We have three weeks to go then a week off before the finals, let's stick together and let our disappointments of late be our fuel to push for what we set out to achieve. We will need a time keeper for the last few games the boys have been doing it for the last 2 games and missing out on being around their mates at the breaks. Could we please have some parents friends relatives assist us with that so our injured players can be around the group!
                                    (game pics-1)  (game pics-2)   (netball pics)

          Seniors                             Reserves                             Under 19's                         Under 18's
   Doveton       12-8-80          Doveton        4-4-28            Doveton          1-2-8          Doveton  5-4-34 
Narre Warren  10-11-71      Narre Warren  10-11-71       Narre Warren  19-17-131      Berwick  8-11-59
                                       Round 12

                                                     Under 19's
After such a great effort the week before, the U/19's ventured down to Casey Fields to take on 3rd position Cranbourne. Unfortunately our intensity, effort, run & chase was no where near like last week & Cranbourne totally outplayed us all around the ground. We did have small passages of play where we were able to use the football to our advantage but we must learn to put in for 4 qtr's. Jackson Bianco was a standout & Johnny Ramos was back to his best. Unfortunately another injury to the team with Logan Hillman breaking his thumb.

                                                     Under 18's
A fantastic team effort with everyone putting in for 4 quarters. Great games from Bryce Campbell (3 goals), Ricky Johnson (3 goals) and Che Gray (3 goals). It was good to have Humpa back and he showed why he is the premier onballer in the 18s. After a torrid night Sam Muirhead played a great game in the back half showing he is made of tough stuff mentally. We were extremely disappointed that not one member of the senior group turned up to watch us! Thanks to all the helpers and our supporters that come every week the boys appreciate it.

                                       Under 19's                                 Under 18's
                                 Doveton     3-3-21                      Doveton   NO SCORES
                              Cranbourne  15-7-97                   Narre Warren



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