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               2005 Reunion
Well done to the seniors on there awesome win and kicking off two great days of celebrating the 2005 Senior and Under 18's Premiers & Champions reunion. On the Saturday a big crew watched the seniors have there first win over Narre in a long long time, then celebrated with the players after the game. On the Sunday there was a great crowd down at the club for a lunch, replay of the games on the big screen and of course Motty's commentary. A special mention for Gand Final umpire Rohan David for coming along and enjoying the day, well done Rohan and what a great meal put on by Carts.

                           Doveton v's Narre Warren

The Senior team will participate in finals in 2015 after securing our place with a hard fought victory against Narre. From the get go the boys showed a greater commitment to the contest and each other and although Narre came hard at different times throughout the game, we were able to sustain the effort and keep the game always on our terms. Big Russ was fully dominant again providing first use to our mids who all played their part and got involved. Rick, Keith and Wooly completed jobs down back and Blacky was super again, this time shutting down Narre's prime mover in the second half. The great team win proves we can compete against all sides in this competition as long as we embrace the contest and maintain belief in each other. We should be extremely proud to be Doveton, the hard work must now continue to ensure we make the most of our finals position. Let's enjoy the bye in readiness for Berwick in a fortnight. #GoDoves

An undermanned reserves side tried hard but were defeated by 58 points. Though being able to match Narre Warren at times we couldn't mount any serious threat of our own. Harley Primrose continued his good form and was served well by Taylor Rainey while Matt Jameson also played his role

                                                    Under 19's
We were soundly beaten by a quality Narre Warren side. Going into the game with several injuries, we struggled to keep up with Narre's tempo of play. A slight disagreement between both sides before halftime left us with 16 players. Matt Ferguson was a standout all day whilst John Ramos was also trying to lift his team mates. Unfortunately it was not our day & we were convincingly beaten. 3 games left boys, lets aim very high & finish off well. Stay Positive lads.

                                                    Under 18's

Once again we were unable to beat Berwick, our inability to hit the scoreboard at all in the second quarter and only one point in the last was a contributing factor. The boys showed great fight in the third to get within a kick but fell away badly in the last. Sensational game from Dylan Bowman who tried to lift the boys and played 4 quarters of the sort of footy that is required by the rest of the boys. Alex Doran battled manfully and his desperation at the contest was fantastic for a big fella. On the bright side we have a raft of quality players still to come back into the side which should make a huge difference in the weeks to come. Thanks to Melinda Dalforno who always provides the boys with top quality navel oranges every week. We have three weeks to go then a week off before the finals, let's stick together and let our disappointments of late be our fuel to push for what we set out to achieve. We will need a time keeper for the last few games the boys have been doing it for the last 2 games and missing out on being around their mates at the breaks. Could we please have some parents friends relatives assist us with that so our injured players can be around the group!
                                    (game pics-1)  (game pics-2)   (netball pics)

          Seniors                             Reserves                             Under 19's                         Under 18's
   Doveton       12-8-80          Doveton        4-4-28            Doveton          1-2-8          Doveton  5-4-34 
Narre Warren  10-11-71      Narre Warren  10-11-71       Narre Warren  19-17-131      Berwick  8-11-59
                             Doveton v's Pakenham

A terrific come from behind win in the seniors to keep our season on track. Down to only 1 on the bench again, the boys finished strongly to run out 5 goal winners. After a poor second term, It was fantastic to see a team response after half time which showed care and desperation for one another and the jumper. It was great to have Big Russ back controlling the ruck and Humpa, Shan, Dermo and Borna all took advantage. Blacky was super at both ends all day whilst Keith's job down back after half time was brilliant. After such a great win we need to quickly focus our energy to prepare for Narre at home this week. The heart of our football club is how we embrace the struggle and we have a real chance next week to show up Narre and also cement our finals spot for the season. Let's get it done boys. #GoDoves

.... Has a club ever had to deal with the amount of injuries to key players than what we have had this year? We now look set to lose our other vice captain with another serious injury. All the very best to big Frank in your recovery.
The reserves had a very good win against Pakenham by 17 points which cements a finals spot for the boys.  A talk before the game by Steve Henwood senior set the tone for the boys and they were determined all day and showed the desire and commitment required to be a contender come finals time.  Ash Scott dominated through the middle winning the ball with great courage. Harley Primrose was a great target at Centre Half Forward. Our leaders Chris Rodders, Taylor Rainey, Matt Cram & Matt Jammo, back from the ones, really stood tall all day.  It is now up to us how far we want to go this year and I know that all the boys are keen to do the Doveton FC proud.  Go Doves!

                                                      Under 19's
The U/19's were playing for a spot in the 5 this week. Win we are in, lose we are not! We're in after a DRAW!
After being in front all day & to Pakenham's attitude of "never give up" we let this game slip away. Bad kicking & lack of talk around a contest was our downfall over the day. We dominated Pakenham in the centre clearances with Micheal D'Agostino & Nathan Bertolini winning everything & with Cam Bowman up forward on "1 leg" bagging 4 goals we were all over Pakenham. But footy can be a harsh game sometimes as we learnt, if you choose to simply not run out 4 qtr's of football. Lochie Parker was sensational in the backline for his 3rd game as was his older brother Matt. Boys keep your heads up & learn from this game never think the job is done until the final siren sounds. We have a very tough run ahead of us but i truly believe we can still be apart of Finals football. Stay Strong lads!

                                                      Under 18's
A great team performance that was set up with a 7 goal to nil first quarter. With players playing in different positions than usual the boys adapted well and show they are very versatile. A great first up performance in the green and black by Jarred Smith who kicked 3 goals and was very classy by hand and foot. 4 goals to Sam who played up forward and 3 goals in the last quarter to Big Andy Mac was great to see. The game was soured a bit by some extremely undisciplined acts by the opposition but our boys showed great strength and discipline not to stoop to that level. With only 18 players the boys should be proud of themselves. And yes, Byrce you did a fantastic job and gave us plenty of run out of the backline. Let's train and play hard boys and make sure we achieve what we set out to do at the start of the year. Thanks to Deb Henwood and Karen Swinburne for organising the canteen for our supporters.

                            (game pics-1)      (game pics-2)   (netball pics)

Seniors                             Reserves                        Under 19's                          Under 18's
    Doveton  12-13-85              Doveton   6-9-45            Doveton    7-10-52              Doveton  18-10-118
   Pakenham  7-9-51              Pakenham  4-4-28           Pakenham  7-10-52            Cranbourne   3-4-22
                                               Doveton v's ROC

We did enough in the senior game to come away 5 goal winners. Poor finishing in front of goal and some loose checking at times kept the game alive until late in the day but we take some confidence from an improved effort and good finish to the contest. The role we play in this competition from here on lies directly in our own hands and we all need to back and support each other to work towards a finals position for the club. The stark reality is that we need everyone contributing to this goal to give us the best chance of success. It was great to see some old hands in Keith (pictured), Shanny and Pickles lead the way in the win. More of the same required next week when we get our chance to get a game up on Paky. #GoDoves

... Best Wishes to Mitchy Viney who went down with a bad one and is set to miss the rest of the season. Hopefully his attack on the contest can be an example to follow for whoever replaces him in the team

The reserves had a solid if not frustrating win against ROC by 21 points.  The boys were really good in their efforts all day and but for inaccurate kicking should have won by a lot more.  But clean hands and holding marks must be a focus going forward as against the top sides we want get away with it.  If we were cleaner with our ball use I have no doubt that we would have had a big win.  Harley Primrose was good off half back whilst Nick Anderson showed the intensity and commitment required and lead his teammates with this all day.  Steve Henwood was a target all day and dangerous when up the ground whilst Jackson Bianco really responded up forward after coming back from the ones.  In the ruck Micky D'Agostino who played in the U/19s also showed that he is a player of the future.   We now have a big challenge next week against Pakenham who we know we can beat when we play our best footy.  A win will just about guarantee our spot in the finals so a massive effort with intensity and desire is needed on the track and next Saturday. Come on Doves!!

                                                               Under 19's
A fantastic team effort by the boys is rewarded with a gutsy 5 point win over ROC. We were switched on right from the start, & our effort, intensity & run all around the ground was allowing us to have the majority of the  play in all 4 quarters. Matt Dyer was dangerous up forward with our fast break style kicking 4 goals & Dwayne Murrian was allowed to run free up & down the wing with his explosive pace. ROC kicked the first 3 goals of the final qtr & hit the front for the first time in the game, but the boys stayed strong & with Dwayne Murrian moved up forward kicking 3 goals we went onto win by 5 points. Great team effort boys, you deserved that win !!

                                                                Under 18's
An extremely disappointing effort from the boys this week. A more determined, committed Beaconsfield gave us a football lesson. Injuries didn't help us with no rotations available after half time but our intent and effort has to be questioned. We are a long way off where we were at the start of the season. The team will need to turn things around very quickly if we are to play a major part in finals this year. We have the talent but we need that desire and passion to compete back. Let's hope the boys can dig deep and rebound like a good side does.

                                          (game pics-1)   (game pics-2)   (netball pics)

         Seniors                           Reserves                          Under 19's                        Under 18's
Doveton   11-23-89             Doveton  8-12-60               Doveton 7-9-51                 Doveton      3-4-22
  ROC       8-11-59               ROC       6-3-39                  ROC    6-9-45             Beaconsfield   10-7-67
                                       Round 12

                                                     Under 19's
After such a great effort the week before, the U/19's ventured down to Casey Fields to take on 3rd position Cranbourne. Unfortunately our intensity, effort, run & chase was no where near like last week & Cranbourne totally outplayed us all around the ground. We did have small passages of play where we were able to use the football to our advantage but we must learn to put in for 4 qtr's. Jackson Bianco was a standout & Johnny Ramos was back to his best. Unfortunately another injury to the team with Logan Hillman breaking his thumb.

                                                     Under 18's
A fantastic team effort with everyone putting in for 4 quarters. Great games from Bryce Campbell (3 goals), Ricky Johnson (3 goals) and Che Gray (3 goals). It was good to have Humpa back and he showed why he is the premier onballer in the 18s. After a torrid night Sam Muirhead played a great game in the back half showing he is made of tough stuff mentally. We were extremely disappointed that not one member of the senior group turned up to watch us! Thanks to all the helpers and our supporters that come every week the boys appreciate it.

                                       Under 19's                                 Under 18's
                                 Doveton     3-3-21                      Doveton   NO SCORES
                              Cranbourne  15-7-97                   Narre Warren

                            Doveton v's Beaconsfield

In the senior game we were totally outplayed by a football team who play committed team football. As they showed in their achievement last year, ability is not the main ingredient to success and we either hurry up and take the lesson on what it takes to be a complete football team or we'll waste the real opportunities in front of us this season.

The reserves were poor all day and lost to a more determined more committed Beaconsfield team.  Our captian C-Rod tried all day as did a few others but the fact that three U/19's, Charlie O'Neil, Shane Anthony and John Ramos who had played in the early game and were showing the way is a reflection that some guys just dont want to work hard enough for the team. However we know that bringing these guys into the team will put pressure on guys to step up to the level required to be a successful football team.

                                                      Under 19's
The U/19's showed that with abit of belief in themselves that they can take it up to the top teams as we showed against Beaconsfield. Our intensity & aggression at the contest was sensational & Beaconsfield were showing that they didnt like our physicality. We went into Qtr time with a 3 point lead. The second qtr our intensity dropped off & this allowed Beaconsfield to take full adavantage, kicking 3 goals to 1 & go into halftime with a 11 point lead. We knew Beaconsfield were getting tired, & the boys knew that they just had to stick with our structures, Ethan Chavasse was winning every hardball & Jack Saunders was doing his role in the ruck.we were down to 17 players when Dwayne Murrian was reported for " wearing a Doveton jumper " &  Beaconsfield outscored us in the 3rd Qtr kicking 3 points to our nothing. The boys showed real fight & spirit in the last Qtr, keeping Beaconsfield scoreless but bad kicking cost us ( 3 points) & we eventually went down by 11 points. Great effort boys, train hard & the rewards will come.
                                                      Under 17's

A good win in tough conditions with only 18 players. A slow start which has become a bad habit now, made it even harder. The guys showed great determination in the 3rd quarter to dominate it with only 16 on the field. Justin popped his shoulder out and stu Johnson copped a heavy knock, both guys went off into the rooms only to come back on in the last quarter which showed great guts and dedication to the team. I'm not sure many kids or adults for that matter of fact would come back on after what happened to Juzzy. Luke Coad played a great game under duress kick 3 of our 6 goals. The coach after the game was probably a little negative which he apologises for. Great win boys, keep up the good work and to all you guys who went on holidays you owe us.
                           (game pics-1)   (game pics-2)  (netball pics)

  Doveton         3-2-20           Doveton       2-4-16            Doveton       3-9-27          Doveton    6-11-47
 Beaconsfield   12-6-78        Beaconsfield  10-10-70        Beaconsfield  5-8-38         Pakenham   4-9-33
                             Doveton v's Tooradin

Finally some reward for effort with the Senior team running out 6 goal winners against Tooradin. Forced changes were again required and once again we had late changes to deal with aswell. Of these changes we benefited by the availability of Lachie Batten, Josh Battle and Mitch Lewis who all jumped at the chance of representing the football club. Each of these young boys along with our other inclusion Taylor Rainey made significant contributions to the win. Maybe it was the father-son massage pre game but Lachie wearing his old fathers old jumper started like a train and fed the ball to Josh who was very potent up forward. Mitch Lewis ran hard all day but lined up down the wrong end at the start of the last quarter which isn't a good advertisement for his school. Of our mainstays, Franky got his chance to dominate the rucks with Mitch Davies, Travy Davis was a constant threat up forward kicking 4 whilst Spanna Henwood bagged 5. Some minor indiscretions and drop offs slowed our momentum at times but all in all it was a solid effort across the board with some great improvement by guys looking for some touch after a couple of down weeks. The win pushes us back up into the five with a great chance to consolidate our position when we take on Beaconsfield at the nest next week. Lets make it 2 in row...... Congratulations to our skipper on his new arrival, hopefully he will have recovered from his hard labour in time for next week. Go Doves

The reserves had a good 29 point win in trying conditions at Tooradin. Whilst not being a great spectacle for the crowd the boys managed to play some good team football and but for some inaccurate kicking in the 2nd quarter especially, could have been up by much more.  Missing many core players due to the mounting injuries in the ones it was good to see the boys get some reward for the efforts.  Best players on the day were Jamie Tapner, Harley Primrose, Aron Elysee, Chris Rodriquez, Steve Henwood and Matt Cram.

                                                     Under 19's
The U/19's went into this game full of confidence knowing we had beaten Tooradin previously. The game didnt start well at all, with the boys getting confused to which way we were kicking after the toss, with the forwards in the backline & the backline now as forwards. Tooradin went hard early & went into qtr time with 9 point lead. The boys come out strong in the second term with full intensity & our willingness to run & spread over the ground was too strong for Tooradin with us kicking 6 goals to one in the qtr. The 2 last qtr's we're very similar with Mitch Pierce kicking 5 goals & Charlie O'Neill was once again inspirational all over the ground.  A great team effort boys, lets  give it to Beaconsfield next week.

                                                   Under 18's
tough battle down at Berwick where we put in a solid performance but just run out of steam in the last quarter to lose the game by 3 goals. Our attack on the ball was better than it has been for some time but we just didn't have enough guys put in 4 quarter efforts. We must continue to work hard and play as a team to regain top spot. Solid games from our captains, Sam and Tyson was very pleasing. Mick Hann played a great game and never gave up all day and Mitch Cotter continued to win the hard ball at the stoppages. Thanks to all our supporters who got up early to be there for us, especially Andy Humphries, Josh Battle and Mitch Lewis who all had to play seniors but made time to be there for their mates.

                 (game pics-1)       (game pics-2)     (game pics-3)      (netball pics)

      Seniors                           Reserves                           Under 19's                           Under 18's
 Doveton  16-11-107           Doveton    6-13-49            Doveton  14-12-96               Doveton  5-5-35
 Tooradin  10-13-73            Tooradin    1-14-20           Tooradin    4-6-30                Berwick   7-13-55

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                            Doveton v's Cranbourne

   Congratulations Michael Rodriquez 200 games

In the senior game we took on Cranbourne back at the nest looking to get back on the winners list after losses in the past fortnight. After dominating play in the early stages we again failed to take our chances and were left to rue these missed opportunities as Cranbourne slotted 6 majors to none by quarter time. From quarter time onwards we battled away manfully but were unable to make any ground on the scoreboard, losing by 7 goals in the end. Skill errors affected us all day, most notably our delivery into the forward line which was not at the standard that we require to compete with the strong teams in this competition. Dermo backed up his performance from last week with another dominant display off half back whilst Micky Rodders did a super job on the last line against Cranbourne's Marc Holt. The footy gods continue to punish us with more injuries to come out of the game which will continue to challenge us in the coming weeks. As said previously, it's a challenge we are capable of meeting provided we continue to stick together, work hard and stay the course to turn our fortunes around. Go Doves

The reserves went down to the top side after a really promising first quarter.  Unfortunately lapses in effort, intensity and simple skill errors brought any good work undone. Consistency of performance is what we need to strive for going forward and I am sure that we will get there eventually.  Our captain C-Rod was sensational all day, whilst Taylor Rainey and Ash Scott were also good.  Michael McLean was super in the ruck against much bigger opposition trying his heart out all day.

                                              Under 19's
After two such heavy defeats in the past couple of weeks, the boys went into this game still feeling confident against Cranbourne. We allowed them to get the jump early & once again poor decision making was costing us. Cam Bowman returned & was making a impact up forward before having his chin opened up & requiring 9 stitches. Cranbourne were too good all over the ground with there ball use & high marking. Adam Sorati was once again a stand out whilst Dylan Bowman from the U/18's was giving his all at Full Back.We once again showed that we are capable of playing good football in patches but we must do it for four quarters solid.Boys keep persisting each week both at training & on the field & the rewards will come.

                                              Under 18's
A totally different side this week went out and put in a solid four quarter effort. Our handball to running players was back and our intensity at the ball and in the contest was great. We still need to work on our stoppage spread and start taking advantage of our ruckmans dominance. Our small forwards dominated and after a tough week on the track Ricky kicked a career high 7 goals along with The Snowman who also did the same kicking 4. Sam played a great 4 quarter game that earnt him BOG honours. We will have to lift again if we want to beat Berwick next week but after today's effort the signs are positive. Well done boys.

                (game pics-1)  (game pics-2)  (game pics-3)     (netball pics)

    Seniors                               Reserves                          Under 19's                       Under 18's
   Doveton     5-12-42            Doveton  4-3-27                 Doveton  4-4-28               Doveton  19-9 123
Cranbourne  12-11-83         Cranbourne  12-13-85        Cranbourne  14-11-95        Cranbourne  2-5-17

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