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2014 SCOREBOARD  - Round 13
Doveton            5-4-34
Beaconsfield   9-13-67
Doveton             4-4-28
Beaconsfield    11-3-69
            Under 19's
Doveton             3-5-23
Beaconsfield   11-13-79
               Under 17's
Doveton        18-14-122
Beaconsfield    3-6-24    
                                  Winning Streak Comes To End
The seniors went down to Beacy by 33 points in a hard fought contest to end there five game winning streak. The boys were in touch at half time, within two goals but a couple of undisiplined acts gifted Beacy two goals at the start of the third quarter and in the wet conditions made it near impossible to make up. Scotty Dinsdale played his usual courageous game down back, Andrew Green put in a good solid performance and we had another first gamer in our under 19's vice captain Ben Johnson (pictured). It was a much improved effort to the first time the two sides meet and we can hopefully carry the same effort into the Pakenham game next week.
Not much to say about the reserves they went backwards on there previous form, and will have to improve if they want to hold there spot in the five with the tough games ahead.  Just a little advice to a couple of players, if you don't like being tackled don't play football.
Again the under 19's have improved on there first time meeting with the oppostion and with three of there better players having a run in the seniors the boys should be very happy with there performance.
The under 17's had another big win with Jack Lock marking strongly up forward kicking 4, Kyle Hendy 3 and again there were multiple goal kickers ten in all. The boys will have to work hard at training and in games leading up to the finals to be up there with the top two in Narre and Berwick.
Well done to Under 17 Jordan Cackett on recieving his "SPIRIT OF SPORT AWARD" from the Victorian Police.

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                                       Seniors Win Five Straight
The Doves had a very successful day at Hampton Park winning all four games but more importantly the seniors going up one more rung on the ladder to be just outside the five. The seniors have turned there game around from the early part of the season and are now playing with a lot more commitment and endeavour, and with the big games ahead the boys will need to keep up the intensity to possibly play finals. Great game by Michael (pickles) Henry, Taylor Rainey also had a big game along with Blackie and young Dylan Triffit (pictured) in his first game showed he has what it takes to play senior football.
The two's had a hard fought win against a determined Hampton Park and have now gone up to third on the ladder. It was an even performance by all the boys and now look forward to some big games ahead.
The under 19's recorded there second win for the season and the improvement definitely shows the more they play. Better players were Cameron Bowman, Nathan Smith and Matthew Ferguson.
Finally the frustration of not playing for a while is over for the under 17's, and boy did they show it putting in there best perfomance for the year winning by a massive 143 points. The boys shared the scoring around with twelve goal kickers and the better players were Tyson Hoy, Michael Lewis and Che Gray.
 Next week we play Beaconsfield  at home and the seniors have a lot to prove after the first time around and can keep there finals hopes alive with a big game.

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                                        30 Year Reunion Pictures
I've finally put together an album of pictures that Wesley "doc"Keenan gave me that were taken at our 30th year reunion back in 1988. There are a few premiership pictures among them and a lot of old heads, there are also a lot of young heads that now have old heads. What about Bert's coat, Laddie's babyface, Johno's got hair and 40 kilos lighter, but Dicka's beatles haircut takes the cake, even back then it was twenty years out of fashion.
                            Senior Keep In Touch With Strong WIN
After a very ordinary performance the first time we played ROC, beaten by 21points the senior completely turned that form around with a dominant 53 point win keeping there finals hopes alive. Awesome game by big Frank DÁgostino in the ruck and around the ground, Jake Mullens and Michael Rodriquez were unstoppable on the backline, Simon
Black put in a great game and young Lachlan Batten (pictured) showed great pace and courage in and around the packs for someone with only a couple of games of senior football under his belt "well done".
The two's had an impressive win against Roc doubling there score and would really have to stumble bad to go out of the five. Mitch Robinson played probably his best game for the club attacking the ball hard on the ground and in the air, a special mention on young Ethan O'Connell-Webb every week he continues to improve and his style of football is great to watch, all in all it was a very good team effort.
The 18's continue to improve on there first half of the season performances with Nathan Smith continuing his good form and Matthew Scarlett and Luke Sutton also playing well.

Well done to netball coach Natu on her "ice challenge" for
Cancer, couldn't have picked a better day (pictures)

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            (would you like some "ICE" with that pics)

Next week we have the split round bye followed by Hampton Park away the week after.
                                                   Three Out Of Four For Doves
The seniors after being forty one points up at three quarter time fought off a last quarter comeback by Tooradin to win by twenty two points and keep in touch with the top five. The reserves lead all day to eventually win by nine points to move a game clear plus percentage in fifth spot on the ladder. All though beaten the improvement by the under 19's on the first round results against Tooradin will give the boys confidence for the games ahead. And the under 17's are back on the winners list with a very comfortable win against Tooradin.

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PS:  Next Sunday after the ROC game there's a workin bee at the rooms at 11am, ALL HANDS ON DECK. The clubs putting on a BBQ and drinks for all, so come along and give a hand.
                                          Doves Ten Goal Winners
The seniors had a comfortable win against Keysborough with everyone contributing to a team effort. The two's also had a comfortable win with the comeback kid Ricky Hayes kicking seven in another team effort. Our third game saw the Narre South Lions under 14's have a very impressive win against Berwick, well done fella's.
I'm sorry the pictures aren't up yet, it's because I over endulged a bit yesterday at the 84 reunion and was a bit second hand this morning. Anyway thanks to all the guys who turned up and to Steve for arranging it.

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                                               Curtain Raiser
With the Under 17's and Under 19's having a rest this week due to Keysie unable to field sides the boys from Narre South Lions Under 14 Navy will take on Berwick white at Robinson Oval in a curtain raiser to the Reserves and Seniors, the game will kick off at 10.30am .
Come along and watch the boys set up a great day for the Doveton Football Club
                                                One Point Thriller
The game starts, Berwick kick a goal in the first thirty seconds then another, I go "uh oh" here we go again and then as the quarter went on the game started going in a different direction, we were getting in first for the ball, chasing hard, tackling hard and most of all working for each other and it got better as the game went on. Anyway to cut a long story short we were ten points down at the last change in a low scoring game the boys had the job ahead of them but they kept the momentum going and completely dominated the last quarter kicking one goal six to one point to get across the line for an awesome win. Special mention for young Mitch Pierce(pictured) two goals and a whole lot of courage in a very physical game, well done. It was the best we have played in the last few years and shows what can be achieved when we all fully commit to the team effort, great win.
 The reserves were comfortably beaten by Berwick and will have to work hard to get back to there early season form. It was good to see Haysie back in the jumper and will be a big plus for us for the rest of the season.
 The under nineteens and under seventeens were both soundly beaten and maybe next weeks rest will help them pick it up in the second half of the season.

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